This isn’t the normal WWI that everyone learns about in school. What goes bump in the night is more than a myth, its also more deadly than most realize. For those few slated with the bad luck to be born with magic it’s their job to deal with the spooks. But for those with magic its not that easy.

Magic isn’t a force that permeates the world like most believe, its a force of impression left by something……or someone. All sorcerers are able to do is manipulate the per-existing force into something fantastical. But that force leaves impressions in the sorcerer as well. Lighter impressions bring out the better qualities in people, which may not always be for the best, while the Darker essences can turn a saint into the devil himself, one piece of straw at a time.

That’s were you sorry lot come in. Your job isn’t to save the world or destroy some great evil, its to survive through each day and hope you don’t end up becoming that which you hunt.

Soul Sacrifice

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